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Sustainability at Novus

More food will have to be produced over the next 40 years than has been produced during the previous 10,000 years combined. Satisfying this increasing demand without straining, depleting or polluting the earth’s natural resources will continue to be a complex challenge. It will require innovative solutions in nutrition, combined with a solid commitment to global sustainability.

Since its inception, Novus has been driven by a vision of sustainably feeding the world by collaborating with customers to provide nutritious food that is available and accessible to all people. This vision has fueled our passions, our energies and our business growth over the past 20 years. This vision remains acutely relevant in today’s world and continues to inspire, motivate and guide the Novus team.

To learn more about Novus’s commitment to sustainable practices, please view our 2012 Sustainability Report – “Living Our Values”.