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Milk Yield & Components

Produce more milk, fat, and protein to maximize profitability.

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Improve Milk Yield & Components for a More Sustainable Future

Milk is picked up at your farm every day, but wouldn’t it be nice to choose if you could increase volume or enrich the fat and protein content of your current volume? NOVUS can help you do both with solutions that increase cow output while lowering their inputs, reducing the environmental footprint of your milk production. Let us help you:

  • Increase milk fat yield
  • Increase milk protein output
  • Minimize the risk of milk fat depression
  • Promote sustainable production practices

NOVUS is here to help you produce more milk and components, with less impact than ever before.

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Whether you’re working directly with us or partnering with us to deliver to your clients, our goal is the same: be a true partner in creating solutions that grow your business and build a healthier world.

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Protect the Full Cow

At every stage of a dairy cow’s life cycle, there is the opportunity to improve the herd’s well-being and the farm’s profitability. Our products and programs are designed to optimize your herd throughout lactation.

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Reach Your Full Potential

Our advanced technology, rooted in scientific research, is designed to help your cows reach their full potential. Partner with us, and start feeding solutions instead of treating problems.

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