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Growth Performance

Help healthy piglets become strong adults.

Improving Growth Performance Protects Your Profitability

From weaning to finishing, NOVUS promotes the optimal and healthy growth of your pigs, facilitating key functions, such as good digestion and promoting sustainable growth. Partner with us and we can help you:

  • Optimize feed conversion rate and growth
  • Enhance nutrient digestibility
  • Optimize economic return
  • Reduce mineral excretion

NOVUS helps you achieve a better feed conversion rate to support your sustainable business.


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Whether you’re working directly with us or partnering with us to deliver to your clients, our goal is the same: be a true partner in creating solutions that grow your business and build a healthier world.

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Continual Improvement, Continual Growth

With our people by your side, and our programs incorporated into your operation, we can help you cultivate healthier and more productive animals.

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Reach Your Full Potential

Our advanced technology, rooted in scientific research, is designed to help your pigs reach their full potential. Partner with us, and start feeding solutions instead of treating problems.

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