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NOVUS Services: A Partnership Beyond Products

Insight. Innovation. Imagination. We’re working with you to create a sustainable future.

Take Your Business to the Next Level

You face new challenges every year. That’s why at NOVUS we’re constantly evolving our services to provide more for our customers. We partner with you to move your business forward.

Note: Not all services are available in every country.


The REDUCE AND REPLACE™ App helps dairy customers identify strategies to adjust rations and reduce environmental impact without compromising animal health and productivity.

SOWS™ Service

We help producers identify bottlenecks in their production system, ultimately improving productivity and profitability. Regardless of the software or system you use, data can be read and analyzed to produce actionable insights for your operation.

VERIFYSM Profit Tools

To help customers evaluate the profit impact potential of ration changes for trace minerals and enzymes, digital calculators can help compare potential changes to the diet. These calculators cover changes in inclusion levels or product swaps to help customers better evaluate purchases and impacts to diets.

Xpert Link™ Network

An extensive network of leading industry experts supports NOVUS® solutions globally. This vast network of expertise covers nutrition, management, and health to feed manufacturing and sustainable, quality protein production. Experts are available to work with NOVUS customers to help overcome production challenges and identify opportunities.

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Let our commitment to service elevate your business

We want to create a sustainable business model for you while helping you feed a growing planet. Let’s talk about your possibilities.

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