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ZORIEN® SeY 3000 Prilled Feed Additive

Optimizing poultry performance with an intelligent nutrition solution created with selenium yeast.

zorien sey 3000 prilled

Take the Natural Defense

Maximize a bird’s natural defenses with the mineral made of more.

A Necessary Trace Mineral for Modern Poultry Production

Selenium is an essential trace mineral necessary for growth, health and fertility. Deficiency can result in skin or muscle issues and excessive amounts in toxicity. Animals cannot synthesize selenium naturally so dietary supplementation is necessary and a partner who can help you find the right balance is required.

Chickens on a poultry farm
Chickens in the sunlight

Help Optimize Animal Health

ZORIEN® SeY 3000 Prilled Yeast Feed Additive is a special strain of yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, enriched with selenium in an organic form that provides higher absorption and use by the animal. Used in complete feeds, this product helps optimize animal health.


Broilers fed this mineral feed additive see performance even under stressful conditions and support of

  • Meat quality
  • Bone and tissue integrity
  • Mortality rates

ZORIEN® SeY 3000 Prilled Feed Additive

Changing regulations. Shifting perceptions. New goals and objectives. For poultry businesses to succeed, producers need the right health and nutrition solutions. How do they get them? Through intelligent nutrition.

Products are not available in all countries. Please contact your NOVUS sales representative regarding product availability in your location.

Product Availability

ZORIEN® SeY 3000 Prilled

ZORIEN® SeY 3000 Prilled Feed Additive

ZORIEN® SeY 3000 Prilled Yeast Feed Additive is yeast enriched with organic selenium for use in complete feed. It is produced by a leading ISO9001-certified, HAACP, GMP+ or equivalent, Halal-certified producer with yeast sourced from a world-class fermentation facility that produces food-grade products.

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Are You Ready for Additives that are Made of More™?

Whether you’re working directly with us or want to provide the best solutions for your customers, our goal is the same: create partnerships that grow your business by feeding solutions instead of treating problems.

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