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Gut Health

Optimized poultry performance starts in the gut.

Enhance Bird Performance by Improving Gut Health

Good gut health starts with a balanced beneficial microbiota, strong gut integrity, and optimized absorption functions. NOVUS helps establish these strong foundations to enhance a bird’s full genetic potential. Let us help you:

  • Support gut absorption
  • Improve intestinal morphology and strength
  • Support immune system health
  • Modulate microbiota profile
  • Manage inflammation and oxidation
  • Increase vascularization and tissue development
  • Improve protein digestibility

Invest in the success of your birds for better gut health with NOVUS.

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Better Gut Health, Better Performance

We’re devoted to not only infusing our poultry products with additional benefits, but to creating programs that help you develop healthier and more productive birds.

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Learn More About Purchasing from NOVUS

Whether you’re working directly with us or partnering with us to deliver to your clients, our goal is the same: be a true partner in creating solutions that grow your business and build a healthier world.

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Reach Your Full Potential

Our advanced technology, rooted in scientific research, is designed to help your poultry reach their full potential. Partner with us, and start feeding solutions instead of treating problems.

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