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Accessibility Statement

Novus International, Inc., including its subsidiaries and affiliated companies (“NOVUS”), is committed to promoting accessibility with respect to its website and digital offerings. NOVUS recognizes that differing abilities can affect access to information technologies. NOVUS is committed to ensuring that the functionality and content of our website is equally accessible to all individuals, including those who may be using computer-based assistive technologies to access our site.

Consistent with this goal and in order to maximize access to our website for all guests, NOVUS follows, and this website is intended to meet, the globally recognized standards of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, Version 2.1, Level AA. Some specific steps we have taken to ensure accessibility include:

  1. Descriptive headings and links
  2. Color contrast
  3. Image alt text
  4. Text size
  5. Consistent use of icons and buttons

If you experience difficulty accessing our website content or have any questions, please contact us at