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Nutritional Strategies for Broilers Webinars


Nutritional Strategies for Broilers in Americas

Speaker: Paul B. Tillman, Ph.D.
Poultry Technical Nutrition Services, LLC.

Dr. Tillman will share how the broiler industry in the U.S. has changed due to the increase in broilers raised without antibiotics and no antibiotics ever production. He’ll discuss how nutrition can optimize performance, specifically relating to amino acid formulation to reduced C/P (energy/protein) formulas and considerations in trace mineral supplementation, as well as the environmental impact of broiler production.

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Nutritional Strategies for Broilers in EMEA

Speaker: Roger Davin, DVM, Ph.D.
Poultry Consultant and Product Manager, Schothorst Feed Research

Dr. Roger Davin provides an overview of European poultry production trends and the consequences these trends have on nutrition. He discusses sustainability measures like low protein diets, reduced soybean meal usage, mineral utilization, and slow-growing broiler chickens, and the impact these actions have on gut health and bird performance.

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Mineral Nutrition: Scale Up™ Program to Expand Broiler Potential

Speaker: Hugo Romero-Sanchez, Ph.D. Executive Manager, Global Poultry Technology Lead

Dr. Romero will provide an overview of mineral supplementation recommendations from various organizations, explaining the practicality of these recommendations in current poultry production systems and with modern husbandry practices. He will address different trace mineral sources and their efficacy in optimizing bird growth and performance.

He will also explain how the Scale Up™ Program for broilers utilizes  intelligent nutrition to address customer challenges and help meet production goals, positively impacting profitability while supporting environmental sustainability.

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