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Balancing Act: Optimizing Milk Fat and Protein Through Intelligent Nutrition

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The “Balancing Act – Optimizing Milk Fat and Protein through Intelligent Nutrition” dairy webinar series explores the crucial role of nutrition in dairy farming and how it can be leveraged to optimize the fat and protein content of milk.

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Part One features Chetan Shembekar, M.V.Sc., NOVUS technical services specialist.

The presentation delves into innovative feeding practices, the importance of data-driven strategies, and the overall impact on milk quality and economic outcomes for dairy producers.

  • Nutrition’s Crucial Role: Nutrition plays a pivotal role in dairy farming, directly impacting milk quality, including fat and protein content.
  • Innovative Feeding Practices: Precision feeding and data-driven strategies maximize nutritional intake and enhance milk composition.
  • Holistic Benefits: Optimized nutrition benefits cow health, and productivity, and leads to desired milk fat and protein levels.
  • Economic Significance: Optimizing milk fat and protein content has economic implications, potentially increasing revenue for dairy producers.

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Part Two features Gnanasekar Rangasamy (Dr. GS), M.V.Sc, species solutions manager  Ajay Singh, M.V.Sc., senior technical services specialist .

This presentation explains the influence genetics has on milk production, outlining the historical productivity of common breeds. It also highlights the importance of cow health and welfare, specifically concerning subclinical mastitis and its impact on the overall financial success of the farm.

  • Top Performing Breeds: Are certain breeds more susceptible to milk fat depression?
  • Reaching Genetic Potential: What can farmers and nutritionists do to help cows of all breeds meet their production potential?
  • Mastitis Impact: What is the financial impact of this common disease and how can farmers identify it in their cows?
  • Udder Health: An overview of the management steps and nutritional interventions that support udder health; milk production.

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ajay singh

Ajay Singh is a senior technical specialist with NOVUS, supporting the dairy industry in northern India. Dr. Singh’s areas of expertise include compound feed and total mixed ration formulation, amino acid nutrition, feed mill auditing, dairy farm management and assessment, on-farm trials, and data analysis. Along with working closely with customers to optimize their dairy farms, at NOVUS he collaborates with the research and development team to ensure research trials are well-executed. He is a member of the Rajasthan State Veterinary Council, Animal Nutrition Association India, India Veterinary Research Institute, and Animal Nutrition Society of India.

Dr. GS

Gnanasekar Rangasamy is the species solutions manager for dairy at NOVUS. In this role, he is responsible for planning and executing the go-to-market strategy for the dairy business in the APEC region, with a strong focus on India. Dr. GS’s areas of expertise include cow nutrition and reproduction, and farm management. He also works with customers to improve milk and component production as well as support their financial goals. He is a member of the Tamil Nadu State Veterinary Council, Animal Nutrition Association of India and the Animal Nutrition Society of India.

Dr. Chetan

Chetan Shembekar, M.V.Sc, is a technical services specialist with NOVUS assisting dairy customers in southwest and central India. Dr. Shembekar’s areas of expertise include ration balancing (both compound feed and total mixed ration), amino acid nutrition, trace mineral nutrition, feed management for transition cows and silage production. At NOVUS he works with colleagues to better understand customer challenges and opportunities to improve cow performance on customer farms. He is a member of the Animal Nutrition Society of India.

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