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Sustainability is at the heart of the Novus business. It is a part of the strategy. Novus’s customers are facing ongoing challenges to produce safe, affordable food with the least possible insult to the environment. As a partner, Novus must provide solutions which not only solve customer pains, but do so sustainably.

Customer Productivity & Profitability

Novus's products are designed to deliver an economic advantage to feed and animal producers worldwide

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Cow Shed

Engaged & Empowered Employees

Novus invests in the continual development and engagement of its employees, in order for the company to deliver on its vision and mission.

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Novus International employees cycle team

Sustainable Animal Agriculture

The long-term viability of the industry requires partnership and understanding of stakeholder needs.

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Sustainable animal agriculture cows

Human Health & Nutrition

Though Novus’s primary focus is animal health and nutrition, the health and well-being of humans, our consumers, is equally important.

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Infographic 890 tons of eggshells converted to health supplements

Supply Chain Efficiency

As a responsible member of the food supply chain, Novus aims to reduce its own impact on the environment in its daily operations.

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Supply chain infographic

Reporting and Improvement

Novus participates in the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and reports in accordance with the G4 framework (at core level). With the Novus Sustainability Priorities Compass, we aligned our priorities to the Material Aspects defined by the GRI G4 guidelines. The yearly report data is compiled and published in an annual Novus Sustainability Update.

Annual Reports