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Benefits of MINTREX improved bioavalaibility in swine

Better feed intake I Better feed efficiency I Better growth

MINTREX Copper (Cu), together with MINTREX Zinc (Zn) and MINTREX Manganese (Mn), is a highly available mineral chelate. It avoids mineral antagonisms and ensures optimal supply of copper, essential to immune functions and gut morphology, which are keys to overcome pathogenous aggressions. Research has proven that copper as MINTREX is more bioavailable than other copper sources, allowing for a better metabolism of this copper: in piglet, and in conditions allowed by EU legislation, this results is optimal performance, through better feed intake, better feed efficiency, better growth, better immunity.  

MINTREX in Swine production

Dr. Escobar explains how research demonstrated a reduction of reproductive and locomotion problems in young sows, as well as improvements in growth performance as a result of incorporating MINTREX into swine diets when compared to inorganic trace minerals (ITM). Sow retention rates, piglet birth weights, and average daily gain were also improved thanks to MINTREX, according to other published studies. 

How Carthage Veterinary Service (USA) has worked with Novus to implement strategies and studies to improve sow performance and health

As Senior Partner at Carthage Veterinary Service (CVS), Illinois, USA, he and his team oversee 27 farms representing approximately 118,000 sows.

Bill and his team also explained how the veterinary service works very closely with Novus in a bid to maximize sow performance. “Those trials were quite successful and we’ve continued that ongoing relationship as we evaluate products and as we introduce sow nutrition and evaluate specific sow nutrition requirements. We also followed through with the performance of the pigs and the successful strategies for both intake for a sow in farrowing, as well as gestation intake and gestation diets for sows in the breeding barn.”

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