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MINTREX® Trace Minerals

With superior bioavailability and absorption, these organic trace minerals continue to stand out against other trace mineral sources.

Enhance Overall Performance

Find out how this unique 2:1 chelate structure delivers superior quality over other inorganic and organic sources of trace minerals.

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The ‘M’ in MINTREX® Stands for “More”

More mineral uptake with less inclusion. Strong bones and tissue from organic trace minerals. Robust chicks through maternal nutrition. Methionine value that counts.

Organic zinc, copper, or manganese are linked with methionine source HMTBa, providing value beyond traditional minerals. How? The methionine value means lower overall amino acid supplementation. Better bioavailability means fewer minerals fed and lower overall mineral inclusion in the diet. These factors impact the labor at the farm or the feed mill. Fewer minerals, lower supplementation, less labor equal better production efficiency/more money in your wallet.


MINTREX® Trace Minerals for Broilers

Over the past decade, live broiler weight has continued to climb. That’s one reason why bone density and meat quality matter in broiler production. Fortunately, for nearly 20 years MINTREX® Bis-Chelated Trace Minerals have demonstrated its worth on broiler farms. These minerals have shown to:

  • Improve feed conversion ratio by 2-3 points and body weight gain by 2%
  • Support skin and footpad health
  • Decrease incidents of wooden breast and white striping
  • Increase antibody titer responses working alongside other health management systems
  • Fewer condemnations attributed to bone breaks thanks to healthier bones, stronger skin and tissue

MINTREX® Bis-Chelated Trace Minerals

Changing regulations. Shifting perceptions. New goals and objectives. For poultry businesses to succeed, producers need the right health and nutrition solutions. How do they get them? Through intelligent nutrition.


Products are not available in all countries. Please contact your NOVUS sales representative regarding product availability in your location.

Product Availability

MINTREX® Zn Bis-Chelated Trace Mineral

MINTREX® Zn Bis-Chelated Trace Mineral promotes collagen and keratin synthesis, supports immune system development and function, helps reduce oxidative stress, facilitates DNA repair, and supports enzyme activity.


MINTREX® Cu Bis-Chelated Trace Mineral

MINTREX® Cu Bis-Chelated Trace Mineral supports tissue and bone development through cross linking collagen and elastin, stimulates keratin crosslinking, supports enzyme activity, and helps defend against oxidative stress.


MINTREX® Mn Bis-Chelated Trace Mineral

MINTREX® Mn Bis-Chelated Trace Mineral promotes cartilage formation, bone integrity, and connective tissue health. It optimizes the reproductive system to support egg production, hatchability, and eggshell formation. It is also a defense against oxidative stress and supports energy production and enzyme activity.


MINTREX® PSe Bis-Chelated Trace Mineral

MINTREX® PSe Bis-Chelated Trace Mineral provides the benefits of MINTREX® Zn, Cu, and Mn trace minerals in addition to organic selenium with a 54% methionine activity.


Poultry TMC Plus

Poultry TMC Plus is a unique blend of organic minerals containing zinc, copper, manganese, iron, selenium, iodine, and chromium as a proteinate form, which has a higher absorption and greater impact on bird performance.

Feeding instructions for Broiler, Layer, and Breeder: 500-1000 gm per metric of feed and feeding continuously as a component of complete ration.

The feeding levels discussed may not be appropriate or permissible in all regions. For specific nutrition or diet formulations for your region work with your nutritionist.

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