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ACIDOMATRIX™ organic acid blends are dustless, granulated preservative premixtures for monogastric animals.

The organic acids are dispersed throughout a special matrix, resulting in a more consistent release profile to optimally:

  • Preserve feed nutrients
  • Support digestive processes by stabilizing the intestinal microflora of monogastric animals thus promoting peak performance during diet changes or in antibiotic free diets. 

Their special formulation also stabilizes the product against environmental factors such as heat and humidity for a guaranteed optimal efficiency.

A feed incorporating ACIDOMATRIX organic acid blends helps to stabilize the composition of a balanced microbial population in the intestinal tract. The marked inhibitory effects of its active ingredients on potentially pathogenic bacteria in-feed and in the gastrointestinal tract originate from the concerted action of the used preservative combination.


Preservative premixture for monogastric animals containing formic, sorbic and fumaric acids.

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