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Gut health Enhancement and Microflora balance Solutions

Novus International, with its innovative Gut health program, the entire range of technology & technical support helps our farmers & producers to feed.

Novus CIBENZA Protease solutions help to improve the digestion of proteins & AA and to prevent the shift of undigested proteins to the hindgut and the progression of pathogenesis to further stages like dysbacteriosis. And, facilitates the digestion of proteins & AA in the gut and helps in the overall health & performance of the bird. A balance between the feed components, gastrointestinal functionality, and gut bacteria, the microbiota is necessary to optimize animal health & performance in a homeostatic manner.


Novus organic acid-based products like ACTIVATE WD Max (synergistic blend of carefully selected organic acids HMTBa, Formic acid & Propionic acids) and AVIMATRIX (A gut acting protected blend of Benzoic acid, Fumaric acid) help in modulation gut microflora and promote better gut integrity.


NE150 is encapsulated essential oil blend of Thymol & Carvacrol that helps in reducing inflammation caused by pathogens and improves immunity in birds. MINTREX is a highly bio-available bis-chelated organic trace mineral source from Novus that promotes better gut integrity & helps reducing gut inflammation.


Proper Gut Health Management Requires Holistic Approach:

Novus International has created comprehensive solutions to support gut health through nutrition and alternative to AGPs, which will be imperative for the profitability and sustainability of the poultry industry.


Benefits of Novus Gut Health Program:

  • Gut Immunity: Supports natural immune defense
  • Gut Environment: Promotes Microflora balance
  • Gut Integrity: Strengthens gastrointestinal integrity
  • Gut function: Optimizes nutrient digestion & absorption


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