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Maximize Sow Productivity

One-year commercial demonstration: MINTREX® trace minerals on sow productivity and longevity

Healthy sows and thriving offspring are key to a productive operation. Elevated and unsustainable replacement rates and increased sow stress are a reality many producers are facing. Novus solutions can help manage replacement rates, optimize production and support developing embryos and resulting piglets, allowing sows and their progeny to reach full genetic potential.

To maximize pigs per sow lifetime, feeding and managing the sow herd to maximize replacement gilt birthweight followed by a focused gilt development feeding program can increase sow productivity, longevity and profitability.

Bis-chelated trace minerals optimize key production parameters above levels obtained by other organic/inorganic mineral sources, directly increasing customer profitability by maximizing sow retention rate, the number of weaned pigs and progeny birthweight (Zhao et al., 2012).

Watch Videos

Maximizing Sow Lifetime Productivity and Mitigating Seasonal Anestrus

Dr. Mark Bertram, First Choice Livestock

Megan Hammond, Novus International, Inc.

Maternal Nutrition

Jane Byrne, FeedNavigator
Pedro Urriola, University of Minnesota
Dr. Juxing Chen, Novus International, Inc.

Feeding of today's sows from a practical standpoint

Dr. Laura Greiner, Department of Animal Science, Iowa State University

See the Research

Studies show the following results for sows fed MINTREX®


Strong Sows with MINTREX® Trace Minerals


Promotes Retention Rates and Reproductive Performance in Sows


Maximize Sow Profitability with MINTREX® Chelated Trace Minerals


FEEDNAVIGATOR: Improving swine production profitability with the use of bis -chelated trace minerals


Interventions to better deal with IUGR piglets


MINTREX® Trace Minerals - Effect on Sow Productivity and Longevity


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Read "Nutrition of Hyperprolific Sows"

Complete the form to receive a digital copy of the book Nutrition of Hyperprolific Sows. The book is a comprehensive compilation of data and information on the ever-changing nutritional requirements of the modern hyperprolific sow. The collaborators, led by Dr. Antonio Palomo Yagüe, set out to build a compendium of knowledge that could be used as a central reference on the current challenges faced with these sows. This book can serve as a reference for nutritionists, researchers, veterinarians, producers, professors, geneticists and allied swine industry personnel.

The book is a result of an international effort involving several industry professionals representing all facets of nutrition, health, production and research. The team has assembled feeding recommendations and trends in feeding, established new nutritional requirements for these hyperprolific sows and defined the link between nutrition, endocrine status and reproduction in pigs.

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