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MINTREX® for Breeders

mintrex-infographicMINTREX® chelated trace minerals from Novus provide a highly bioavailable source of trace minerals for breeders. The unique 2:1 chelate structure delivers superior quality over other inorganic and organic sources of trace minerals. MINTREX works to improve overall animal performance through increasing the number of settable eggs, improving the quality of eggs produced and enhancing progeny performance compared to other trace mineral sources.


Increase Hatchable Eggs

MINTREX has been shown to not only increase the total number of eggs a hen produces but also to increase the number of eggs that can then be set to hatch. The trial represented in Figure 1 shows an increase in egg production and settable eggs for hens supplemented with MINTREX at half levels compared to hens supplemented with inorganic trace minerals (ITMs) at traditional commercial levels.


Improve Egg Quality

Trace minerals play a critical role in enzyme activities responsible for maintaining egg shell formation and membrane quality, which protects the development of the embryo. The risk of a trace mineral deficiency includes reduced egg mass and poor egg shell quality. Hens supplemented with MINTREX compared to other sources of trace minerals have shown an improvement in shell breaking strength and a reduction in cracked eggs.


Enhance Progeny Performance

The inclusion of MINTREX in hen diets has been shown to impact progeny by improving yolk trace mineral concentration, strengthening bones in chicks and reducing mortality when compared to inorganic trace minerals.

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