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MINTREX® in Broilers

MINTREX® chelated trace minerals provide highly bioavailable sources of zinc, copper and manganese to broilers. Each element is protected by two ligands of HMTBa, a form of methionine. Coordinate covalent bonds link the mineral and the methionine ligand to form a chelate. The unique 2:1 chelated ring structure delivers more absorbable trace mineral to the small intestine than other inorganic or organic sources of trace mineral. MINTREX works to improve overall broiler performance by improving gut health. This leads to improved FCR, reduced footpad lesions and improved growth rate.


The methionine source HMTBa protects the trace mineral from antagonisms, providing stability across a range of pH environments. This results in more mineral reaching the mineral absorption sites in the small intestine. Then, the HMTBa ligand is absorbed as a methionine source for the broiler. Due to its high bioavailability, MINTREX can provide birds with optimal trace mineral nutrition while lowering mineral concentrations in the diet.

Improve Feed Conversion

Getting birds to market as quickly as possible with the lowest incidence of disease is top priority for a broiler operation. The conversion of feed to protein is an evolving process and several factors can affect how they respond to different technologies and additives tried in their diets. Across the globe, research on MINTREX in broiler diets has demonstrated its impact on feed conversion (FCR) against both inorganic trace minerals (ITMs) and other organic mineral sources (OTMs).


Boost Gain

When the broiler chick is first placed in the house, it must adapt to its environment, fellow birds, nutritional outlets, feeding systems and more. All of these factors can slow the bird down and impact overall gain, reducing end carcass weight. Studies conducted with MINTREX have shown an improvement on overall performance and gain throughout the grow-out cycle. This results in more meat from each bird placed, even when compared to other OTMs.


Improve Structural Health

The integrity of hard and soft tissues of an animal can play a role in several other production measures. When collagen isn’t properly formed, skin can be easily scratched, resulting in condemnations in the processing plant. The same holds true when it comes to bone and tendon development. Birds with weaker bones struggle throughout the growout period, leading to lower weight gains, a drop in performance and issues at the processing plant. Birds who received MINTREX chelated trace minerals had less bone breakage, fewer disease challenges and ultimately fewer condemnations in the plant. Additionally, those birds on MINTREX had better footpad scores, encouraging even further profit for the producer.


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