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Superior Bioavailability with MINTREX® in Breeders

Choosing a trace mineral source with superior bioavailability can help reduce production costs as well as promote sustainability and your flock’s performance. MINTREX® bis-chelated trace minerals from Novus International, Inc. provide a highly bioavailable source of trace minerals for breeders. The unique 2:1 chelate structure delivers superior quality over other mineral sources.

Novus developed the REDUCE AND REPLACE™ program for MINTREX® trace minerals to describe the concept that current trace mineral levels in rations can be reduced and then replaced with MINTREX® in significantly lower levels. This results in much more value for your investment.


Studies show that MINTREX® trace minerals support mineral deposition in the hen needed for optimized hatchability1 and egg production2. Due to proper nutrition, hens fed MINTREX® can produce 3 more eggs per hen over their lifetime compared to hens fed inorganic trace minerals2.
1Buttin et al., 2013, 2Arbe et al., 2011

Videos and Podcasts

Nutritional Insights for Breeders of the Future Masterclass 1: Structural Integrity

Dr. Douglas Korver, University of Alberta

Breeder Masterclass 2: Lifetime Production & Performance of the Breeding Hen

Dr. Douglas Korver, University of Alberta

Maternal Stress, Feed Intake and Diet Composition in Poultry

Dr. Rebecca Forder, University of Adelaide

Optimizing Maternal Nutrition for Modifying Gene Expression & Improving Progeny Performance in Broiler Breeders

Dr. Douglas Korver, University of Alberta

VERIFY℠ Profit Tool for MINTREX® Trace Minerals Demonstration

Melanie Roux, Novus International, Inc.

As Seen in Engormix: Chelated Trace Mineral for Breeders

Dr. Bob Buresh, Novus International, Inc.


Nutra Blend Animal Agriculture Podcast: "Chicken or the Egg, Which Came First?" featuring Melanie Roux

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See the Research

FEEDNAVIGATOR: Harnessing Epigenetics to Improve Chick Quality by Maternal Feeding of Chelated Trace Mineral Zinc


MINTREX® Trace Minerals Reduce Culled Eggs and Increase Hatchability


MINTREX® Trace Minerals Are Critical to the Embryo Development and Performance of Broiler Breeder Chicks


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