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Thank you for your interest in joining the Novus International Team!

We are excited to share with you our vision at Novus to feed the world! Please use this site to familiarize yourself with our mission and vision, our products, and the services we offer our customers and employees.

About Novus International

Novus International, headquartered in St. Charles, Missouri, creates animal nutrition solutions for livestock, poultry and aquaculture. Novus operations include corporate offices, research and development laboratories and manufacturing facilities in more than 35 countries, as well as smaller offices with field staff in an additional 60 countries.

With more than 700+ employees and offices worldwide, working for Novus means working for an international organization where we respect, honor and value differences in culture, experience and thinking.We encourage free-thinking and expression, believing that only an environment of openness and transparency can promote ingenuity and achievement.

At Novus, we remain committed to maintaining a positive, healthy, empowering and engaging workplace where a diverse group of people can come together in pursuit of a shared vision, mission and set of core values.We invest in the development and training of our employees, maintain one of the most advanced corporate wellness programs available for the benefit of all employees, and we implement strict safety procedures and practices to ensure a safe workplace.


To help feed the world affordable, wholesome food and achieve a higher quality of life.


Make a clear difference in sustainably meeting the growing global need for nutrition and health.

Novus"s Core Values bring this Vision and Mission to life. These Core Values define, in practical terms, how our 800-plus employees in over 100 countries conduct business with each other, with our more than 3,000 customers worldwide and with other stakeholders. They guide all business strategies, plans and objectives. They shape our company"s culture, which begins at the individual level and carries through to the marketplace.

We seek excellence from every employee. We encourage, expect and support alignment, diversity, individual growth, initiative and teamwork.

We strive to provide products with demonstrable value. Our research focuses on leading-edge concepts, and we are committed to supplying preferred products and services.

It is critical that we maximize long-term customer satisfaction. Whether related to products, services or innovation, we must always anticipate our customers" needs and exceed their expectations.

We protect our employees, the public and the environment. Specifically, we make health, safety and environmental considerations a priority in everything we do.

We act with integrity. We treat all of our stakeholders - including employees, customers, suppliers, business partners, our owners and the public - in a fair and ethical manner.

Novus History

Novus’s scientific roots and history originate in the 1950s when St. Louis, Missouri-based Monsanto Company began conducting livestock and poultry feed metabolism studies. In 1959, one of its products received FDA approval as an animal feed additive, which helped launch the Monsanto division that would become Novus. In an effort to focus on its core businesses - seed, herbicide and biotechnology - Monsanto sold its Feed Ingredients division to Mitsui & Co. Ltd. and Nippon Soda Co., Ltd. in 1991, setting Novus on its path of Health through Nutrition based on science.

With two products for the poultry industry and the vision of helping to feed the world affordable, wholesome food, Novus International was born. At the time, this vision statement was considered a bold goal and some questioned how Novus could realistically make a contribution. Although Novus was a small, business-to-business company, we understood that our core knowledge of health and nutrition related to poultry could be beneficial to other species.

Since 1991, Novus has brought numerous products to the market, including more than 100 over the past decade, and developed product families including Methionine solutions, Trace Mineral solutions, Enzyme solutions, Eubiotics and Feed Quality solutions. Novus’s comprehensive portfolio provides a holistic approach to solutions, service and sustainability for poultry, swine, aquaculture and cattle.

Triple S Bottom Line


Novus has pledged to answer customer pains and industry issues by providing solutions. This pledge comes from our rich legacy of providing innovative total management solutions that optimize livestock and poultry production, addressing just about any challenges nutritionists and producers face.

- Feed Cost Reduction — Helping Producers Target Their Largest Input Cost--Feed

- Gut Health Optimization — Supporting Health Through utrition Backed By Research

- Tissue Integrity and Health — Feeding Livestock and Poultry to Their Genetic Potential


Service is central to Novus’s presence in the market as it embodies our interaction with customers, business partners and our communities. Service is multi-dimensional and our approach is to think globally and act locally. Whether providing superior customer service in applying solutions to support our customers in dealing with their many challenges, or working one-on-one in communities we serve, Novus believes in a hands-on working relationship to serve.

- Customer Service — Professional, Knowledgeable and Friendly Service and Support

- Community Service — Locally Experienced in Communities Where We Do Business

- Industry Service — Addressing Industry Challenges Around the Globe


Novus is driven by a vision of helping feed the world affordable, wholesome food so they can achieve a higher quality of life. This ambition is ingrained in our culture and is a driving force in our mission to make a difference in sustainably meeting the growing global need for nutrition and health.

- Social Sustainability — Helping Producers Meet Global Food Needs

- Environmental Sustainability — Protecting Against Excess Nutrients

- Economic Sustainability — Optimizing Nutrient Utilization for Return on Investment

Triple S Solutions

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ZHANG Xun, Marketing Specialist NEA

Official- Alex

Working for Novus in China allows me to experience and learn about countless real life situations in the livestock industry due to the variety of the locations and operations in a country as big as China. I get to work with a really creative team from all different backgrounds who are professional and communicate openly. As an NGS winner, thanks to Novus I have been transformed from a college student to a professional in the industry.

Jared Hux, Senior Marketing Manager NORAM


“At Novus International, I get to work closely with the field and with customers. This helps me stay close to the business and truly understand our customers’ needs. Through Novus I was able to work in Brazil for three years, which opened my eyes to a whole new part of the world. The best part of my experience working in Brazil was the people. The culture of openness and friendliness from the people had a positive impact on my experience in Latin America.I found that close friends and even complete strangers were willing to assist or provide guidance in any issue I encountered. One of the key aspects Brazil’s culture that I noticed is this sense of inclusion.In my short three years living and working in Brazil as an expatriate, never was I excluded from the group.In fact, I was invited with open arms to participate in group discussions and office activities, even though I was not able to communicate effectively 100% of the time.This culture of inclusion, especially from my Novus Brazil family, was very comforting and allowed me to go beyond my comfort level and led to a more impactful experience. One of the key learnings from my experience is that each country in Latin America is unique – it is not one country or culture – and having the opportunity to experience the multiple cultures within Latin America has contributed positively to my professional and personal development.”

Abishek Shingote, NORAM Marketing Manager Enzymes and Feed Quality


“For me, the best part of working at Novus International is learning from my experienced colleagues, managers and executives within the company. I am surrounded by individuals who are passionate about making a difference in the North America livestock industry, which makes my job very fulfilling. I’ve been provided opportunities to improve business and cognitive skills at Novus and have been fortunate to be afforded avenues of growth through my career here.”

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