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NOVUS Solutions Available to European Dairy Market

dairy cows in a barn

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM (9 January 2024) – Dairy farmers in Europe wanting to enhance component yield, minimize feed costs and nitrogen emissions, and optimize cow comfort – ultimately creating a more sustainable industry – can now turn to NOVUS for help.

The intelligent nutrition company is now providing its nutritional feed solutions and expertise to dairy farmers in key markets in the European Union.

“NOVUS is well positioned to partner with dairy farmers in Europe due to its products and services that can positively impact regional challenges like feed efficiency, milk production, and environmental sustainability,” says Edwin Westreicher, Dr. sc. agr. habil., dairy technical services manager for NOVUS in Europe. “We’re excited to bring our innovations to this market where we know they can make a sustainable difference and support dairy farmer’s financial goals.”

Sustainable Impact 

Known for strong environmental protections, regulations throughout the EU have required cows to be more productive. As milk yield per cow has increased the total number of cows is decreasing in many countries in the EU. Regional Dairy Sales Manager Freek van Essen, DVM, says the production demands on cows make NOVUS an ideal partner for ambitious dairy farmers.

“Our dry methionine product, MHA® Feed Additive, is an effective methionine source that is shown to maximize milk and component yields, especially during times of milk fat depression and heat stress,” says Dr. van Essen. “This is a concern that is sure to grow as summer temperatures in parts of Europe continue to climb year after year.”

Understanding that a balanced organic trace mineral program can help maximize herd performance and reduce feed costs, NOVUS also offers MINTREX® Bis-Chelated Trace Minerals to support reproductive performance and immune system health as well as help improve hoof hardness and milk component yields.

Partnering Across Europe
NOVUS is currently partnering with dairy farmers, compound and mineral feed suppliers, and nutrition consultants in Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands but has plans to expand its offerings to additional parts of the EU in the coming years.

Dr. Volker Seidl, NOVUS managing director of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, and strategic accounts, says he’s confident those managing farms and supporting the dairy industry in Europe will welcome NOVUS products and expertise in the market.

“We have the opportunity to help dairies in Germany and Benelux do more,” he says. “More for the animal’s welfare, more for the environment, more for the producer. In focusing our attention on this market, we are helping build a more sustainable future for the European dairy business.”

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