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Webinar Provides Insights On New German Dairy Nutrition Recommendations

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BELGIUM, BRUSSELS (March 25, 2024) – The German Society of Nutrition Physiology (GfE) recently published its new Recommendations for Energy and Nutrient Supply of Dairy Cows. Considered the cornerstone for predicting the nutritive value of feed sources and accurately calculating the supply and requirements of energy and nutrients, the recommendations are used widely throughout the German dairy industry to help farmers optimize feed efficiency, thereby maximizing milk performance and profitability.

To help explain the new recommendations, NOVUS is hosting a webinar titled, “How the New German Protein Evaluation System Can Improve Nitrogen Efficiency” beginning at 15:00 CET on 3 April. The webinar will feature Karl-Heinz Südekum, Dr. Sc. Agr., professor emeritus of Animal Nutrition at the University of Bonn in Germany who collaborated in developing the GfE’s recommendations.

Geared towards nutritionists, scientists, and dairy farmers, Dr. Edwin Westreicher, NOVUS technical services manager for dairy in Europe, says the webinar aims to clarify the differences between previous and current German protein systems, illuminating the advancements and benefits of the new system.

“The webinar will offer an in-depth exploration of the procedures, concepts, and calculation principles underpinning the new German protein system,” he says. “Attendees will gain valuable insights into the advantage of formulating diets based on digestible amino acids.”

Environmental sustainability and stewardship continue to be a focus for producers and customers throughout Europe, with high scrutiny on dairy cow outputs. Nitrogen excretion is one area of concern. Formulating precise diets for dairy cows based on digestible amino acids is key to supporting greater protein efficiency leading to lower nitrogen excretion. Westreicher says webinar participants will learn how the new German protein system can contribute to enhanced nitrogen efficiency while positively impacting the overall environmental footprint of milk production.

This webinar is open to all in the dairy community. Those interested can register here. The webinar will be held in English.

“NOVUS is dedicated to delivering expertise and innovative solutions to nutritionists and farmers alike by empowering professionals with the knowledge and tools necessary to bolster productivity and efficiency in their operations,” Westreicher says.


NOVUS is the intelligent nutrition company providing solutions for the global animal agriculture industry. The company’s portfolio for dairy customers includes bis-chelated organic trace minerals, and methionine, along with a network of experts worldwide to provide guidance on management best practices.

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