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NOVUS Tackles Maximizing Production Efficiency at Dairy Industry’s PNWANC

cow being milked

CHESTERFIELD, MO (December 18, 2023) – Feed is a major cost for dairy farmers. Ensuring that an expertly designed feeding strategy goes from the formulation phase to the bunk without being altered is paramount to a positive return on investment.

To help producers identify how to optimize resources while maximizing their production efficiency NOVUS will host a special pre-conference session on the topic at the Pacific Northwest Animal Nutrition Conference (PNWANC) next month in Idaho.

“There are many ways that the effectiveness of a feed ration can be challenged,” says Heather Tucker, Ph.D., global ruminant technology manager for NOVUS. “This event will show how to ensure satisfaction throughout the development and execution of a ration. From hedging feed products, reducing ration shrinkage, building a ration for feed efficiency, getting the most out of minerals, and ultimately ensuring the ration you make is the ration the cow eats, we hope to uncover what is limiting dairy farmers from maximum success.”

The event Conserving Resources While Maximizing Production Efficiency will be held before PNWANC at 1:00 p.m. (MST) on January 15, 2024, at The Grove Hotel in Boise, Idaho.

The event will feature the following topics by experts in feed management:

  • Hedging on feed products
    Sara Dorland, MBA, managing partner, Ceres Dairy Risk Management
  • Minimizing shrink at feed centers for greater profitability
    Michaela Braun, senior liquid systems and sales specialist, NOVUS
  • Increasing milk production and feed efficiency
    Gerald Poppy, DVM, MBA, Ph.D., consultant, DVM Dairy Business Consulting
  • Maximizing the value of the mineral in your feed program
    Heather Tucker, Ph.D., manager and global ruminant technology lead, NOVUS
  • The ration we create, the ration we make, and the ration the cows eat
    Jim Spain, Ph.D., professor and vice provost for undergraduate students and e-learning, University of Missouri-Columbia

The pre-conference, free to all PNWANC attendees, will be followed by a reception sponsored by NOVUS.

Since 1965 PNWANC has served as a source of research, knowledge and education on animal nutrition in the Pacific Northwest. For more information and to register, visit