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Breeder Management and Nutrition Forum Indonesia

Structural integrity development & uniformity program to maximize genetic potential of breeders
Amin Suyono, Key Account Technical Manager, Cobb Asia Pacific

  • Preparing pullets for more prolific hens
  • BW profile, feed pattern & uniformity program
  • Nutrient requirements for new genetic to achieve great framing & fleshing profile

The importance of trace minerals in optimizing day-old chick quality
Tony Unandar, Private Poultry Farm Consultant, Indonesia

  • Practical evidence of micro minerals challenges
  • Early nutritional events, In Ovo feeding, embryo development
  • Micro minerals role in immunomodulation, antioxidant & enzyme cofactor

Breeder nutrition and management for better progeny development
Greg Hargreve, Independent Poultry Production Consultant, Australia

  • The role of macro & micro nutrient for optimum framing & fleshing
  • Optimum breeder management & feeding for the best progeny performance
  • Impediments to production (environment & feed quality)
  • Experience sharing in vertically integrated operation
  • Minimizing fertile egg cost by optimizing feed nutrient density

Optimum Trace Minerals Nutrition for Breeders
Matthew Bekker, Technical Service Director, Novus International Asia Pacific

  • Trace minerals sources
  • How to use chelated minerals for profits
  • Programming benefits beyond the egg-epigenetics
  • Chelated trace mineral sources available in Indonesia and best applications

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