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Feed Cost Savings

Feed is the major input cost when it comes to poultry production. It can account for up to 70% of total production costs in certain parts of the world. Due to raw material scarcity, producers have learned to balance costs without compromising performance by using a variety of raw material sources available locally.

With soybean meal prices at a high level, the cost of including proteins/amino acids in feed ingredients remains high. Dietary proteins are not completely utilized by the animal. There is potential to improve amino acid utilization by supplementing animal diets with proteolytic enzymes that have appropriate activity and stability and are cost effective for feed applications.

Animal producers taking advantage of lower-cost, lower-quality protein sources may discover these ingredients are not as readily absorbed or digested, leading to diminished performance typically seen with corn-soy diets.


CIBENZA DP100 Benefits

CIBENZA® DP100 feed additive is an aggressive, heat-stable, broad spectrum protease that complements the animal’s endogenous enzymes to hydrolyze less digestible proteins. CIBENZA DP100 allows producers to incorporate these ingredients without sacrificing performance. It works to make the indigestible portion of feed ingredients more available to the animal by degrading components so they are more easily absorbed into the digestive system.

The protease contained in CIBENZA DP100 serves to supplement the naturally present proteases in the animal’s intestinal tract. This supplemental level of protease allows for a more complete digestion of the protein fraction of feed ingredients. Therefore, the enhanced digestion results in more amino acids being available for utilization by your animals.


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