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Optimize Gut Health through Nutrition

Good gut health builds a strong foundation for poultry performance.
Tackle gut health challenges focusing on minimizing gut inflammation especially in the young animal stage to support production performance and performance towards antibiotic-free production.

Address animal health and performance concerns under antibiotic-free production or reduction programs through gut health optimization solutions.

The increasing concern and awareness on antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and food safety has put tremendous pressure on animal production. Antibiotics has always been the main choice to control bacterial contamination in the animal and in feed, but with the call for reduction in use and eventual ban in animal feeds, this has become a major challenge especially for gut health, animal performance and also pathogen control risk.

The ever-changing poultry industry requires constant and creative innovation in products and applications to solve emerging producer challenges. Novus is committed to assisting customers in meeting the complex production challenges associated with the changing landscape of antibiotic use and consumer expectations.

Explore opportunities for nutrition to address producer challenges such as antibiotic-free production in new and effective ways. The key to moving towards reduced use of antibiotics is to explore an alternative multidisciplinary solutions that encompasses management as well as nutrition and health. Leveraging expertise in GUT HEALTH and NUTRITION as well as a wide portfolio of solutions to support animal performance and health, Novus can customize a gut health and ABF program to your unique objectives and challenges.

How to navigate antibiotic-free production

The removal of antibiotics will require the agricultural industry to be more precise in their solutions. In addition to better operation and health management, diet management and nutritional alternatives need to be carefully considered. Antibiotics were used primarily to prevent bacterial growth in the gut environment, any ABF program thus needs to look into alternatives to manage the environment, feed and water quality and optimize gut health and immunity.

Novus as your partner

Innovative products, research-supported applications and excellent customer service are all pathways for Novus to push the boundaries of what animal nutrition can deliver. Novus brings dedicated resources, research and a customized approach to help customers in the transition to antibiotic-free production. With solutions including organic trace minerals, feed enzymes, organic acids and essential oil, Novus can assist you in exploring and implementing the most suitable gut health and ABF program that matches your unique objectives and challenges in meeting the complex and evolving production requirements.


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