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PSA 2017

It was a great week in Orlando, Florida, U.S.A. as we discussed the newest research and poultry industry trends aimed at improving the efficacy, sustainability and profitability of poultry production.


Multiple research abstracts were selected for presentation throughout the week. The full scientific program may be viewed here, while Novus-related presentations are listed below:

To view the research abstracts, please click on the title of the presentation below.

Oral Presentations

Effect of different levels of sorghum inclusion and the addition of a serine protease on live performance of broilers from 1 to 35 days of age.

Albaraa Sarsour, North Carolina State University

True P digestibility of corn, SBM and corn-soybean meal without and with phytase in broilers.

Roger Davin, Novus

Genomic traits of a strain of Salmonella Heidelberg isolated in broilers in Brazil and related phenotypic tolerance to organic acids and antibiotics.

Elizabeth Santin, Universidade Federal do Paraná

Poster Presentations

Evaluation of egg production and egg quality factors when supplementing with MINTREX P on post prime aged egg layers.

Gregory Archer, Texas A&M University

Section: Metabolism and Nutrition: Vitamins and Minerals

Effect of chelated copper on growth performance and woody breast in broilers.

Juxing Chen, Novus

Section: Metabolism and Nutrition: Vitamins and Minerals

Evaluation of Eimeria-dietary challenge model to test the benefits of alternatives for antibiotic growth promoters in broiler birds.

Vivek Kuttappan, Novus

Section: Immunology, Health and Disease

The effect of combining microbial phytase, protease, and xylanase on performance of broiler chicks fed diets containing reduced levels of available phosphorus, amino acids and energy.

Megharaja Manangi, Novus

Section: Metabolism and Nutrition: Enzymes

Estimation of true phosphorus digestibility of soybean meal is affected by Ca level in broilers.

Colwayne Morris, University of Missouri

Section: Metabolism and Nutrition: Nutrition

Performance benefits of probiotic and protease in broilers subject to Eimeria challenge.

Frances Yan, Novus

Section: Metabolism and Nutrition: Feed Additives