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Feed reformulated with feather meal is one way producers can lower costs without losing animal performance, but achieving efficiency in rendering and maintaining high protein digestibility is critical.

CIBENZA® EP150 logo

CIBENZA® EP150 is a unique feed additive preparation of an intrinsically heat stable protease with spores of its production organism, Bacillus licheniformis, which improves animal performance and has a favorable effect on dietary protein. CIBENZA EP150 usage can reduce ration costs by lowering the level of costly protein sources in the feed or optimizing the use of lower digestible, cheaper alternative sources, without sacrificing animal performance.

CIBENZA® IND900 logo

CIBENZA® IND900 is a heat stable protease that accelerates the breakdown of feather keratins at a lower cooking temperature. In addition, the protease activity cleaves more peptide bonds, which results in a feather meal product with higher nutritional value. CIBENZA IND900 supports sustainable production of animal proteins, while improving operational efficiency and profitability.

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