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Novus aims to improve lactation performance at World Dairy Expo

SAINT CHARLES, MO (21 September 2022) – Novus International will debut a new program aimed at increasing fluid milk and component yields during the World Dairy Expo, 4-6 October in Wisconsin (United States).

The focus of the Scale Up™ program for dairy is to turn production challenges into herd profitability by providing innovative feeding strategies that optimize milk and component yields.

“Whether the production goal is increasing pounds of components, milk yield, or both, the Scale Up™ program delivers on these goals throughout the lactation,” says Cecilia Lopez, Novus North America ruminant marketing manager. “By gaining a better understanding of the role that specific nutrients like methionine source HMTBa play in rumen fermentation and animal metabolism, we can help our customers increase milk and component production.”

Along with increasing beneficial microbiota in the rumen and optimizing rumen function, the program aids in optimizing feed intake and meeting the metabolic needs of lactating cows.

“A successful transition from pregnancy to lactation is essential for the health and productivity of dairy cows,” says Dr. Will Seymour, ruminant technical services manager for Novus. “The Scale Up™ program assists dairy farmers in developing a successful transition program, allowing cows to start strong, peak high, and maintain persistency of milk production throughout their lactation.”

World Dairy Expo will serve as the international launch for the Scale Up™ program for dairy. Attendees can learn more about the program by visiting the Novus booth #1403-1404 during the Expo, 9:00-5:00 p.m. on 4-6 October and 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. on 7 October at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison, Wisconsin.

For more information about the program visit, www.novusint.com/en-us/pages/scaleupprogramfordairy

The Scale Up™ program was created by the global animal nutrition and health company to deliver science-based nutrition solutions and best industry practices to optimize production, helping each animal meets its genetic potential. Novus launched the program for swine earlier this year during World Pork Expo. The company is planning to launch Scale Up™ for poultry in 2023.

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