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Scale Up™ Swine Program


Novus International introduces the Scale Up™ program to help swine producers deliver on their specific business goals. Each stage of a pig’s life comes with its challenges, and swine producers have the task of meeting those challenges head-on to support the optimal health and welfare of the pig.

Created to meet the demands of today’s swine producer, this program delivers science-based nutrition solutions to optimize production at every stage of a pig’s life, helping each animal meets its genetic potential.

Whether the focus is increasing the kilograms of meat produced, extending sow productivity, improving piglet mortality and uniformity, or raising grow-finish profitability, the Scale Up™ program takes a comprehensive view of production systems and each life stage to identify opportunities.

The Scale Up™ program:

  • Is backed by XpertLink, an extensive network of leading industry experts, covering topics from nutrition, management, health, feed manufacturing, and meat quality
  • Encompasses a comprehensive view of production systems and each life stage to identify opportunities to optimize efficiency and profitability.
  • Results in more kilograms of meat per inventoried sow with fewer resources while optimizing animal health and welfare.

The program delivers on your specific goals at each stage of life:

  • Maximizes reproductive performance.
  • Improves piglet survivability.
  • Optimizes grow-finish profitability.

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