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Gut Health Forum in Coimbatore & Hyderabad, India

Event Details:

Date: Aug 25 & 26 (Thursday & Friday) 2022.

Time: 6:30 PM onwards

Coimbatore Venue: Le Méridien Coimbatore

Hyderabad Venue: Avasa Hotel



Dr. D. Chandrasekaran (M.V.SC., Ph.D.), Professor of Animal Nutrition (Retired) TANUAS


Gut health is the foundation for performance and profitability in animal production.

A balance among feed components, gastrointestinal functionality, and gut microbiota is necessary to optimize animal health and performance in a homeostatic manner. Maintaining good gut health in the flock can minimize production disruptions caused by disease challenges. It can also reduce the need for antibiotics. Promoting good gut health is paramount to ensuring that poultry reach their full genetic potential.

Novus International, Inc. offers comprehensive solutions to support gut health and manage gut flora, which helps maximize growth and profitability.With its innovative gut health solutions and a range of technologies and technical support, Novus helps farmers and producers to grow and succeed in the business of the feeding world.