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World Pork Expo 2022

The team at Novus invites you to join us in tent G272 on Grand Avenue!

June 8-9 | Iowa State Fairgrounds, Des Moines, Iowa



Snow Cones 11 am – 5 pm

Happy Hour with Live Music 3 – 5 pm


Snow Cones 11 am – 5 pm

Happy Hour 3-5 pm

Introducing the Scale Up™ program

  • Scale Up™ encompasses a comprehensive view of production systems and each life stage to identify opportunities to optimize efficiency and profitability.
  • Scale Up™ results in more pounds of pork per inventoried sow with fewer resources while optimizing animal health and welfare.
  • Scale Up™ delivers on your specific goals at each stage of life.
    • Maximizes reproductive performance
    • Improves piglet survivability
    • Optimizes grow-finish profitability