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CIBENZA® DP100 for Poultry

What is CIBENZA DP100?

CIBENZA® DP100 protease enzyme from Novus is an intrinsically heat stable, potent protease enzyme feed additive that optimizes the digestibility of proteins in poultry feed ingredients.


Benefits in Broiler and Layer Diets

Reduced feed cost by:
    • Lowering inclusion level of costly protein sources
    • Optimizing use of lower digestibility feed ingredients
    • Optimizing amino acid digestibility and increased metabolizable energy

Better gut integrity:
    • Improved protein digestibility
    • Improved energy digestibility
    • Reduction in hindgut fermentation and reducing nitrogen waste

Ingredient risk management through:
    • Minimizing effects of anti-nutritional factors (ANF) in feed ingredients by directly degrading them or by increasing their
      exposure to endogenous enzymes



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