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NOVUS’ Westreicher adds Degree to Support Dairy Industry

Dr. habil. Edwin Westreicher

BELGIUM, BRUSSELS (January 23, 2024) – NOVUS Technical Services Manager for Dairy in Europe, Edwin Westreicher, is expanding his expertise and, concurrently, his support of the industry.

He recently earned the degree of habilitation (Doctor habilitatus, abbreviated Dr. habil.) from the University of Kiel. The degree is the highest scientific and teaching university degree offered above a doctorate.

“This degree serves as evidence of an individual’s capability to research independently and expertly teach a particular subject,” says Dr. habil. Westreicher. “It also means I’m qualified to teach at the university level and supervise doctoral students.”

Dr. habil. Westreicher joined the NOVUS dairy team in Europe in October 2022, but he’s been working for the last six years to gain the degree, which included teaching at the university, performing independent research, and writing his postdoctoral thesis on red clover silage in diets for dairy cows, which includes a comprehensive evaluation considering production, physiology, and milk quality.

Dr. habil. Westreicher said earning the degree was necessary to help him meet his goal of becoming a university professor. But he doesn’t plan on leaving the intelligent nutrition company.

“I think combining a teaching career with work in the feed industry at NOVUS offers a synergistic relationship, providing benefits like practical experience integration, industry-relevant research opportunities, networking advantages, and diversifying my skill set,” he says. “This dual role can create a well-rounded professional who contributes meaningfully to both academia and the dynamic field of animal nutrition and feed industry. A clear win-win-win situation.”

NOVUS Executive Regional Technical Services Manager Silvia Peris, Ph.D., agrees. She says continued education is encouraged at NOVUS for a variety of reasons.

“Continued education ensures that we stay up to date with the latest industry trends, technologies, and best practices,” she says. “It enhances expertise, allows our representatives to better identify and address on-farm challenges, ultimately helping them to offer more effective solutions to our customers.”

Dr. habil. Westreicher says he doesn’t intend to stop in his education journey. He has already applied to pursue Venia legend at the University of Kiel, which will provide him with a teaching license.

Dairy customers in Europe who want to speak with Dr. habil. Westreicher about how intelligent nutrition can help them meet their goals can reach him through the Belgium office. Go to the Contact Us page for details.