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Gut Health Webinar Series

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Nutritional Interventions in Improving Gut Health for Poultry, 9th July 2020.

“A Healthy Gut is a Healthy Animal”
Gut health affects every aspect of animal health and performance.
The gut serves as a key line of defense from the outside world and maintaining a good barrier can assist producers in avoiding several issues.

Gut health remains one of the most crucial concerns in the animal production industry. Intestinal challenges are a common cause of production losses especially in young animals. Damage to the intestinal barrier caused by pathogens reduces health and absorption of nutrients. It is well known that antibiotics inhibit growth of certain pathogenic microorganisms and can be used to boost animal's performance. However, the demand for antibiotic-free chicken and pork creates a need for holistic approaches to sustain intestinal health and maintain animal performance.

In spite of reduction in antibiotic use, there are strategies that can be used to lower the intestinal challenges and maintain or even improve growth performance. This Novus webinar series will feature four experts in the area of gut health and antibiotic reduction.

Dr Frances Yan, Novus Senior Poultry Nutrition Research Scientist, will be presenting on 'Nutritional Interventions in Improving Gut Health for Poultry' where she will highlight on pathogenesis of bacterial enteritis and how to identify and evaluate gut health challenges in field conditions. She will also discuss on nutritional intervention strategies to alleviate gut health challenges and nutritional solutions to target specific challenges to optimize ROI.

Dr Megan Edwards, Swine Nutrition Consultant at Integral Nutrition, will discuss on 'The Role of Functional Nutrition in Weaner Pig Development'. Her session will focus on the needs of pigs development in terms of nutrition, immunity and gut health. The role of weaner nutrition and feed management will also be discussed and how they can be used to produce resilient and efficient growing pigs in an industry that must focus on improving sustainability. In addition, Dr Megan will present on the move towards antibiotic-free production in swine and the role of feed additives.

Dr Rebecca Forder, from the School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences, University of Adelaide, will discuss on developmental programming in poultry and potential mechanisms that may influence gastrointestinal function as well as the use of nutritional supplementation as a means to manipulate these mechanisms to improve growth and efficiency of progeny.

Webinar Series Knowledge Experts

Dr. Frances Yan


Nutritional Interventions in
Improving Gut Health for Poultry

9th July 2020, 08.30-10.00 GMT+7

Dr. Megan Edwards

Dr. Megan Edwards

Feeding for Gut Health:
The Role of Functional Nutrition
in Weaner Pig Development

24th July 2020, 14.00-15.30 GMT+7



Maternal stress, feed intake
and diet composition in Poultry:
Effects on Progeny Gut Development

6th August 2020, 10.00-11.30 GMT+7


Professor David Hughes

Marketing of Protein Foods
in a Post-COVID World

18th August 2020, 14.00-15.30 GMT+7