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Young Animal Nutrition Webinar

In the current situation where antibiotics and other growth promoters are being reduced investing in the nutrition of piglets or broilers can help to have a positive impact on health and performance. When animals are young nutritionists need to focus on the development of the gut microbiota and immune system as well as maturation of the gut. Therefore it can be advised to use a different nutritional strategy when the animals are young and immature compared to when the animals have a well developed GIT and stable microbiota. Early nutritional interventions with the utilization of fibre and highly digestible ingredients with the right feed additives will help to improve the health and performance of the animals in a later phase.

TOPIC: Early nutrition of young animals for long term positive effect on animal health and performance

DATE: 20th April 2021

TIME: 14.00 - 15.30 (GMT+7, Bangkok Time)


Dr. Francesc Molist

Manager Research & Development,
Schothorst Feed Research,
The Netherlands

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