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Novus Young Animal Nutrition Webinar Series

Novus Young Animal Nutrition Webinar Speakers

Sharing the importance of the early stages in animal production!

Novus International recently organized four webinars under the Young Animal Nutrition Series. The objective of these webinars was to share the importance of focusing on early animal production stages and the nutritional practices suitable for young animals. The key industry opinion leaders who were speakers during the webinars included Dr. Francesc Molist from Schothorst Feed Research, Dr. Rommel Sulabo from the University of the Philippines Los Banos, Dr. Megan Edwards from Integral Nutrition, Rick Kleyn from Spesfeed Consulting and Peter Chrystal from Poultry Research Foundation.

To be able to produce a sufficient supply of animals, young animal is a key stage that producers should pay attention to. The early stage of production is likely to be the most affected by stress and diseases as this is when the animals are most vulnerable. High mortality and poor performance at this stage can be attributed to trauma, starvation, scouring and respiratory disease in swine while malabsorption, diarrhea, necrotic enteritis and coccidiosis are the main culprits in poultry.

During the first session of the webinar, Dr. Francesc Molist highlighted on the need for emphasis on the development of the gut microbiota as well as maturation of the gut during young animal stages. He advised to use a different nutritional strategy when the animals are young compared to when the animals have a well-developed GIT and stable. For the second and third sessions, Dr. Rommel Sulabo and Dr. Megan Edwards discussed about the role of nutrition in piglets, applied research on diet design, raw materials and feeding management. Three key areas of weaner nutrition namely pathogen control, immune modulation and nutrient utilization were highlighted to have an effect in getting nursery pigs off to a flying start.

In the fourth session, coauthors Rick Kleyn and Peter Chrystal highlighted the importance of seven-day weights which is widely used as a performance measure in the broiler industry. They are important because they are correlated with ultimate performance of a flock of birds. Achieving good seven-day weights entails a wholistic approach which includes several factors including breeder hen nutrition, practical feed formulation and nutrient requirement of the chick, especially energy, balanced protein and minerals.

According to Dr. Dexter Abrigo, Novus International Southeast Asia Pacific Strategic Marketing Director, “In these webinars, we hope to provide our partners and customers insights, not only from Novus studies, but also from leading key opinion leaders, giving a different perspective nutrition for gut health. We have always believed that the young animal stage is a crucial phase, and success lies in a better understanding of how we can influence this stage with applied nutrition. We at Novus will continue to provide webinars that are highly informative, innovative and easily applicable to address current and future customer concerns.”

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