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Leading Industry Insights from Poultry Experts at your Fingertips

SAINT CHARLES, MO (December 27, 2022) – The insight and experience of 13 poultry professionals from around the world are now accessible from anywhere in the world.

Novus International recently made available through its website all four sessions of its Breeder Management & Nutrition webinar series, which the company hosted in October.

“We had a very positive response from series participants and felt the valuable information discussed during each session really should be shared with everyone in the poultry industry,” says Hugo Romero, Novus executive manager of global poultry solutions and book author.

Based on its latest publication, Breeder Management & Nutrition: Moving the industry forward, the Novus webinar series includes sessions on breeder management and nutrition, feed restriction, epigenetics, and genetics. Book authors, including Rick van Emous from Wageningen Livestock Research, Henk Enting from Cargill, Johan Buyse from KU Leuven, and Juan Carlos Abad from Cobb, brought their chapters to life through the webinar as they described key points from their parts of the book and answered audience questions about the information covered.

“The Q&A sessions were particularly interesting. It showed the importance of and interest in these topics as well as directly provided some really great advice to participants,” says Sandrine Durox, Novus poultry solutions manager for EMEA and book co-coordinator. “I’m sure some people who watch the videos on-demand will have their own questions answered by the end of each session.”

Click here for a full list of session topics and presenters, and to watch sessions on-demand.

The book that inspired the webinar series is also available for free digital download from Novus. The carefully curated 14 chapters are designed to serve as a reference for current breeder production best practices and considerations. Authors include those named above as well as other academics, researchers, industry leaders, breeding company experts, nutrition company innovators, veterinarians, and nutritionists who consider through their written contributions how each part of the broiler breeder’s lifecycle can be optimized to support performance and positively impact the producer and the industry.

Click here to register to receive a complimentary digital version of the book.


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