Ajay Singh

Senior Technical Specialist
ajay singh

Dr. Singh is a senior technical specialist with NOVUS, supporting the dairy industry in northern India. Dr. Along with working closely with customers to optimize feed formulations and total mixed ration at feed mills and dairy farms, at NOVUS he collaborates with the research and development team to ensure research trials are well-executed.  

Before joining NOVUS, Dr. Singh served as general manager of technical services at AFI Feed Industries, regional manager at Alltech, silage specialist at Pioneer Hybrid International Pvt. Ltd (Corteva), and regional technical manager at Kemin Industries South Asia Pvt. Ltd. 

He is a member of the Rajasthan State Veterinary Council, Animal Nutrition Association India, India Veterinary Research Institute, and Animal Nutrition Society of India. 

Areas of Expertise 

  • Compound feed and total mixed ration formulation 
  • Amino acid nutrition 
  • Feed mill auditing 
  • Dairy farm management and assessment 
  • On-farm trials and data analysis 
multiple piglets walking

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