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How To Promote Good Footpad Health With Intelligent Nutrition

2 pigs and chickens

This webinar is in French with English subtitles.

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How To Promote Good Footpad Health With Intelligent Nutrition

Structural health is important for animal well-being and to optimize performance. How can producers support leg health through intelligent nutrition?

In both swine and poultry, leg health is fundamental to allow animals to achieve their genetic potential. Intelligent nutrition, a combination of nutrition, knowledge, and resources, can help foster structural health, ultimately leading to the reduction of locomotion problems.

This webinar, featuring swine expert Roberto Barea, DVM, Ph.D., and poultry expert Mireille Huard will explore:

  • The mode of action behind nutrients like trace minerals so producers understand their options.
  • Types of locomotion issues in chickens and pigs.
  • How nutrition can help strengthen connective tissues (skin, cartilage, bones).


Roberto Barea
Roberto Barea, DMV, Ph.D. 

An expert in all the stages of swine health and how nutrition can impact development and performance, Dr. Roberto Barea is a vital member of the NOVUS swine team in Europe. In this role, he helps customers improve sow productivity, survival rate and growth of piglets, and overall swine health to improve animal welfare and customer profitability.   Read more about Dr. Barea...

Mireille Huard
Mireille Huard

As an expert in poultry nutrition, Ms. Huard provides NOVUS customers and colleagues with knowledge and guidance on poultry feed, nutrition, and management. Her work enhances existing customer relationships, supporting customer understanding of the company’s intelligent nutrition services and solutions throughout in Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Greece, Slovenia, Croatia, Israel.

chicken farm with feeders

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