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Novus successfully completed a trial on ASFv contaminated feed in Vietnam

Novus International recently completed a trial at a Key Laboratory in Vietnam to evaluate the efficacy and dose requirement of its nutritional feed acidifier, ACTIVATE® DA, to reduce the survival rate of ASFv in feed.

Feed hygiene is a critical biosecurity control point for pathogenic bacteria, like Salmonella. However, recent researches show that viruses can survive in complete feed. A study by Dee et al. evaluated survival of several viruses that affect pork production in common feed materials and identified significant risks, highlighting a biosecurity gap beyond pathogenic bacteria. Viruses in pork production negatively affect performance and increase mortality. Over 5 million pigs in Asia have died or been culled because of the spread of African Swine Fever, a contagious viral disease that affects pigs and was first detected in Asia around August 2018.

According to Dr. Dexter Abrigo, Novus Strategic Marketing and Technology Director for Novus Southeast Asia and Pacific, “based on our study done in Vietnam, the key ingredients of ACTIVATE DA (OA blend + HMTBa) has a synergistic effect to inactivate ASFv. A local isolate of the virus was used in the study and 2kg and 5kg doses of ACTIVATE DA per ton of feed effectively reduced the total number of infective virus in the feed even at Day 1. This is great news for farmers who want to improve their biosecurity by adding ACTIVATE DA as part of their feed biosecurity program”.

For more information on this trial, please contact your Novus representative.

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